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Cathodic protection for the port of Ajaccio

Freyssinet France teams recently completed repair works for Ajaccio's commercial port. On the agenda in this major project: reprofiling, shotcrete reinforcement and application of impressed current and sacrificial anode cathodic protection on the Capucins and Trois Marie breakwaters.

In 2007 and 2008, a detailed inspection of all the breakwater structures in the Ajaccio Commercial Port revealed that it was necessary to demolish and replace the formerly floating and very damaged structure at the north Capucins location (ferry terminal) with a fixed structure. The study also showed that reinforcement works were needed to ensure durability of these two breakwaters, owing in particular to generalized deterioration of the underside of the structures (steel reinforcements visible, chloride penetration in the concrete) and wear of certain of the piles.

Execution of these repair works was entrusted to Freyssinet (lead contractor) as part of a consortium comprising Freyssinet, Apex, Corse Travaux and Natali. The work was carried out over 30 months and included the following:

- reprofiling and shotcrete reinforcement
of the structure,

- application of impressed current cathodic protection on the entire structure,

- application of sacrificial anode cathodic protection on all the piles.

Copyright photos: Lisa Ricciotti / Freyssinet

Key numbers

- 7,000m² underside surface area to be treated
- 12 people working full-time over 30 months to complete the works
- Approx. 2,600 tonnes of shotcrete
- 5,000 cathodic protection anodes installed
- 5,000 m² of titanium mesh installed
- 3 cathodic protection management cabinets installed


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