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Freyssinet - setting the benchmark in specialist civil engineering

Founded in 1943 by Eugène Freyssinet, the inventor of prestressing, Freyssinet today brings together an unrivalled range of skills in the specialist civil engineering sector, offering integrated technical solutions in two major fields: construction and structural repair.


Eugene Freyssinet's sketch

The essential:

The beginning
Extending the network (1962-1970)
The nuclear industry and the crisis (1970-1985)
The network takeover and the stay cable years (1985-1998)
The year of diversification (1998)
The 2000's

Freyssinet Prestressing

Eugene Freyssinet Association

The Association was created in 1992 to commemorate and celebrate the great man's work. Founders Patrick Ponthier, Jean-Marc Tassin and Philippe Guiony, who all hail from near Objat, the village in the Corrèze region where Eugène Freyssinet was born, wanted to spread the word about one of their own. The Association is independent of any private or public body and aims to honour the memory of Eugène Freyssinet, engineer and inventor of prestressing, in France and throughout the world.