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Eugène Freyssinet Trophy and celebration of Freyssinet's 70th anniversary

The Eugène Freyssinet Trophy was awarded on 5 March 2014 by the Association Eugène Freyssinet during a ceremony held at the Maison des Arts et Métiers in Paris.
The Association Eugène Freyssinet
, with sponsorship from Freyssinet, organised the latest Eugène Freyssinet Trophy awards. The aim of the Trophy is to honour and reward young builders who have advanced the art of building in the same way as Eugène Freyssinet, one of the 20th century's leading inventors in the field of construction. To win the panel's support, the candidate has to instigate an innovation that represents progress in new materials, or a novel use of existing techniques and materials
The awards went to:

1st prize
: Akio Kasuga - Marcel and Philippe Matière

2nd prize
: François Cussigh - Romain Ricciotti and Guillaume Lamoureux

Grand Prize
: Roger Lacroix - Klaus Ostenfeld

Left to right: Marcel Matière, Philippe Matière, Frank Guyon, Romain Ricciotti (above), Klaus Ostenfeld, Guillaume Lamoureux (above), Jérôme Stubler, Roger Lacroix, Michel Virlogeux, François Cussigh, Akio Kasuga.

© Laurent Guichardon / Graphix-Images

Freyssinet's 70th anniversary

The Eugene Freyssinet Trophy presentation was the opportunity to celebrate 70 years of Freyssinet history. You will find in the short film herebelow the whole story of Eugene and the creation of STUP (Société Technique pour l'Usage de la Précontrainte, Technical Society for Prestressing Use), later to become the Freyssinet company.

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