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Argentina: the San Martín viaduct

In Buenos Aires, Freyssinet is taking part in the building of the new San Martín Viaduct by constructing and supplying beams.

The new San Martín elevated railway viaduct is part of the plan to improve the transportation infrastructure in the City of Buenos Aires. The project involves elevating more than 5 km of railway line above street level, and there will be sections with up to 3 or 4 parallel sets of tracks.

was hired by GREEN-ROTTIO, the main project contractor, to construct the prestressed box beams for the entire length of the viaduct.

A total of 359 prestressed beams with a span of 15 - 27 metres will be constructed along with 22 special post-tensioned beams with a span of 3043 m to be used where the viaduct passes over roads.

To construct the prestressed beams within the deadlines, Freyssinet - Tierra Armada Argentina built a 475-m-longprefabrication plant from scratch in two months.Two beds for constructing prestressed reinforced concrete were built with a 2,000-ton load-bearing capacity, to cast several prestressed beams per day in metal moulds.

To date, 181 prestressed and 5 post-tensioned beams have been constructed

Once finished at the end of the summer 2019, the viaduct will reduce the number of fatal accidents at level crossings involving vehicles and pedestrians in the City of Buenos Aires, reduce the intensity of traffic on the city streets, with more trains running on time and better urban integration.

Photo credits: Isadora Pasquini