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Autoripage® gains ground in Morocco

On Wednesday 12 September, Freyssinet Morocco and GPCM department carried out the Autoripage® of KP 128 on the Casablanca-Rabat motorway, the third operation of this type following the first Autoripage® performed in April.

On Saturday
26 April 2018, the Freyssinet Morocco and GPCM teams carried out a push operation on a frame bridge at KP 28 on the Casablanca-Rabat motorway link, acting as a subcontractor for Générale Routière on behalf of ONCF.

pushing technique, patented by Freyssinet under the Autoripage® name, was implemented for the first time in Morocco as part of the project. The pushing operation was organised into two 24-hour phases, with a one-week wait between the sliding of the two frame halves. The first phase consisted of pushing a 3,332-t frame 45.40 munder the western carriageway of the motorway. The second sliding phase involved a 3,088-t frame, slid over a distance of 45 m under the eastern carriageway.

The aim of the project is to run a
third ONCF track under the motorway, parallel to the two existing railway lines. Completing this type of project under normal conditions would have involved several months of traffic restrictions on one of the busiest motorways in Morocco. Using the Autoripage® solution overcame these considerable constraints and reduced the motorway disruption time to two weeks.
Preparations are currently being made for two further operations. They will be carried out by Freyssinet on behalf of ONCF, also as part of the project to add a third track to the ONCF line between
Casablanca and Kenitra.