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Laguna Española Bridge in the Caribbean

Freyssinet has installed the hanger system on the Laguna Española Bridge on the idyllic island of Aruba, off the coast of Venezuela.

Built as part of the development of Aruba's infrastructure, the bridge helps to link Queen Beatrix Airport and the town of Pos Chiquito on the south of the island.

The Laguna Española Bridge was designed by Colombian design firm GRISA and built by HB Estructuras Metálicas SA, which entrusted Freyssinet with the supply and installation of the 16 hangers required for the structure.

Consisting of two metal arches connected to each other by four transverse girders, the structure comprises 2x2 traffic lanes on a 16-metre wide and 92-metre long deck.

Construction methods

Freyssinet supplied the vertical hangers, with a fixed clevis anchor at the arch end and a standard adjustable anchor at the deck end. Once the arch was complete and the upper clevises of the hangers had been secured, the transverse deck girders were installed individually, each one being connected to two hangers. As the loads on the deck increased (installation of longitudinal elements, wind bracing, etc.), the number of strands tensioned per hanger and retaining cables was increased until the final load was reached, following adjustment using annular jacks.