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A pioneer in prestressing, Freyssinet now offers a cutting-edge post-tensioning system combining performance and durability.

Freyssinet’s technical services design anchors, jacks and installation equipment, and also operate a test centre and a laboratory for the formulation of grouts.

In order to guarantee high quality service to all of its customers around the world, Freyssinet manufactures its anchors at its industrial subsidiary Freyssinet Products Company (FPC) and manages a central bank of site equipment.

Freyssinet's type C and F post-tensioning anchors have been proven in structures the world over in accordance with the most stringent requirements:

bridge decks and piers,
nuclear containment vessels,
liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage tanks,
offshore platforms,
wind turbine towers, etc.
Freyssinet has developed an optimised solution for every application.

Freyssinet trains its teams in installing post-tensioning at all of its subsidiaries. The PT Academy is Freyssinet’ s post-tensioning training school. Each year graduates of the school obtain qualifications certifying their skills as Works Directors (DTP), PT Installation Specialists (CMP) and Operators (OP).


Tangshan LNG tank (China)

Areas of application:

Bridges and engineering structures, dams
LNG tanks
Offshore structures
Water tanks
Nuclear power plants
Wind towers