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Extending the life of Hammersmith Flyover - second step of the strengthening works

After the first phase of work to repair the Hammersmith Flyover before the London Olympic Games in 2012, Freyssinet has been chosen again for the second step. Work to strengthen the structure, with the bearings replaced, a new carriageway drainage system installed and the entire flyover waterproofed and resurfaced, has started in January 2014.

Freyssinet’s missions involve external post-tensioning, very long tendons and extensive use of Freyssinet products especially Cohestrand® and Freyssibar®. Freyssinet will also perform the precasting of concrete blisters in UHPFRC (Ultra High Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete) and installing them using specialist equipment developed with the methods department.

The use of UHPFRC as the key element in the new post-tensioning system is an innovation in the field of PT works. UHPFRC is used in this application for the first time in UK. The main benefit is the reduction in both size and weight of the concrete anchorage.

The work will be completed in summer 2015.

Inside the Flyover

Bridges - Repair, Protection and Reinforcement

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Hammersmith Flyover, phase 1

In December 2011, structural investigations revealed that steel cables on a number of the flyover's 16 spans had deteriorated significantly, due to corrosion caused by water seeping into the structure. Urgent strengthening works were carried out on the worst-affected spans, and now the remaining spans need to be strengthened.
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