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Freyssinet repairs the Pont Mathilde in Rouen

A key crossing point over the Seine in the East of Rouen, the Pont Mathilde was damaged by a severe fire in October 2012. The bridge has been closed to traffic and pedestrians since that date.

There is significant damage to the metal span on the left bank. The steel became distorted by the heat of the fire causing the roadway to disintegrate and even collapse under the weight of vehicles.

© Conseil Général Seine Maritime

The works are being carried out by a consortium led by Freyssinet and which also comprises steel construction specialist Victor Buyck and road surfacing and waterproofing specialist Viafrance Normandie, a subsidiary of Eurovia.

The consortium is responsible for the following works:

- removal of the 115 metre long steel span

- reconstruction of the fire damaged section

- replacement of the steel span

- replacement of bearings and expansion joints

- repairs to the abutment (G3) on the left bank

- waterproofing and resurfacing the road bed.
Removal and tranfer of the fire damaged section - ©Patrice Lefebvre

Works began in September 2013 and the estimated timescale is one year.

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