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Tunnel structural repairs: Pánuco project in Mexico

Let's look back at Freyssinet repair works on keystone of the Pánuco Tunnel in eastern Mexico, after Hurricane Linda struck the country.

The tunnel, located on the Durango–Mazatlán motorway had been damaged in September 2015 by the collapseof the adjacent embankment, caused by the constant rainfall accompanying Hurricane Linda.

carried on the emergency structural work on the keystone of the Pánuco Tunnel. Once the emergency had been dealt with, Freyssinet began the reinforcement work, which consisted of the protection of the tunnel by constructing a 151-metre-long reinforced concrete arch structure above the existing arch.

This new structure was to be supported by foundation piers, involving the installation of 830 tonnes of steel reinforcements and of 3,400 m³ of concrete for this operation.
The work was finished in September 2017.

Congrats to the teams !